Shiny, Happy Kopi


And here’s bath day, part two: Kopi all dried off and ready for bed. His shampoo really did seem to brighten his coat, and he’s feeling particularly soft right now.

I couldn’t say the Kopi particularly enjoyed his vet visit, though most of the time he ranged from mellow to curious. He suffered through two different people attempting to view his back teeth only to be rewarded by pokes with two needles. He turned so vicious when the vet techs started swabbing his leg that I thought they must have already given him the shot. Poor Kopi. They had to take him away to the back and have three people wrestle him down.
But afterward, he practically bounced back into the room where Scott and I were waiting, his face perky and his tail wagging a mile a minute. Turns out the reward for shots is a delicious dollop of Cheez Whiz. We may have discovered the only treat superior to peanut butter in this pup’s eyes.

Splish Splash, Kopi’s Taking a Bath!


We decided Kopi could stand a little stink removal before traveling home for the holidays. He’s looking bright and beautiful (and much less wet) now after his sudsing. Kopi behaved well during his bath, mostly staying put and only shaking out the water a few times. He’ll visit a real groomer in January when he needs a clipping. Tomorrow, he visits the vet!

Behind the Scenes with Santa

If you liked Kopi’s photo with Santa, check out this video showing that pups are almost as squirrelly as babies when it comes to getting that cherished shot. Keep in mind that I only caught our SECOND attempt on video – he is making a break for it at the beginning.

Dogs and Windows


Two great things that go great together, right? Kopi’s latest nest is on the top of the living room couch, right up in the windowsill. We added the pillows to bridge the gap. He also enjoys snoozing on that giant white flowered pillow and burrowing into the couch itself, which is why the quilt in this photo has since migrated down to cover the half of the couch Kopi kicked me out of. Eh, the leather chairs have better back support, right?