Kopi Goes Excavating

Clean floors?! Why would you want clean floors?!


Snow Dog


Kopi ventured out into the snowy sidewalks today. The snow on the grass came up to his belly!

Kopi Goes Greenies


Kopi is pitching in to improve his dental health today by enjoying a toothbrush-shaped Greenies treat. He is feeling a whole lot better today now that the anesthesia and morphine have worn off. He’s still a little more tired than usual, but he’s happy as a clam again, eating, drinking, running up and down the steps, and looking for pets.

One Unhappy Pup


Poor Kopi had to have a few teeth extracted today while getting a dental cleaning at the vet. He's been doing nothing but sleeping and moaning since he got home. He's supposed to feel a lot better tomorrow though once the drugs wear off.

Kopi’s First Grooming Appointment

We already posted a picture of the freshly groomed Kopi, but here is a video of him from right after we picked him up. We waited a little too long to make a special appointment at a groomer’s, so we just took him to the pet store nearby to get the essentials taken care of. He was looking pretty spiffed up after his bath!