This Squirrel’s for You, Radama!


Kopi wishes his identical cousin, Radama, a very happy birthday! We’ll be seeing you soon at the big birthday bash.

Tomorrow afternoon, Kopi is getting together with other bichons at the Benefit for Maryland Bichon Rescue Hospice and Senior Dog Fund at Bark! Kentlands. Senior rescue dogs often have trouble finding new homes because most people think they want a puppy. However, adopting a senior dog can have a lot of benefits over adopting a puppy: Many are already housebroken, socialized, and trained. They usually have much lower adoption fees. They’re a lot more mellow and content to hang out with you around the house; they don’t need so much exercise and activity as a young dog. And of course, they are so grateful to have a comfortable home.

Kopi, who turns six in April, isn’t quite a senior yet, but he was older than many of the other dogs we saw available for adoption. He adjusted quickly to his new home and has since showered us with love and affection. We love him, too!

A Beautifully Groomed Dog!


Kopi visited his new groomer today, who did an amazing job cleaning him up and clipping his coat. Not only that, he was actually happy to run back behind the counter and leave us behind, like he was visiting an old friend, not stressed and anxious like at the last place. Kopi was all smiles when we picked him up, too, acting playful and cheery for hours.
On top of that, when we stopped by PetSmart on the way home to clean out their supply of Science Diet Oral Care kibble (the little bags are all only $5 this weekend!), everyone walking by kept remarking on what a beautiful dog we had. Overall, this grooming was a great experience. Thank you, Donna at Cleverdog Grooming!

Belated Christmas Greetings


I have a whole month’s worth of videos from the end of December that haven’t yet seen the light of day, so I apologize for the dogs wishing you a happy incorrect holiday this week. We’ll work on dyeing Kopi pink in time for a real Valentine’s Day message…