From the Crow’s Nest

Kopi likes to have a good view of everything going on in the apartment. Usually he prefers perching on the windowsill over the couch downstairs or on top of that striped couch in the video. This time, I found him snoozing with his head peeking through the loft railing. Sometimes he manages to stick his whole head out to get a good view of what’s going on downstairs, but we’ve never managed to get a good picture of that cuteness overload.

I promised a whole bunch of videos I had saved up from December, but my hard drive bit the dust last week and the videos are trapped on that unmountable disk. Oh well. I will have to work faster in the future. Or at least use our new larger backup drive often.

Kopi on Vacation


Kopi loved getting to play with his identical cousin Radama, bark at neighbor dog Henry while running around a real fenced backyard with NO LEASH, and laze on the couch by the fire in between. Photo taken with Radama’s ma’s new iPhone.