Kopi’s Shave and a Haircut

Kopi visited his favorite groomer today. Just like last time, he came running out with a huge smile on his face and a beautiful clip for his coat. He smiled through most of the long ride home, too. It’s so nice that grooming no longer makes him anxious and clingy.

Kopi’s Birthday Celebration


Kopi’s birthday treat: whole-wheat peanut butter sponge cake with carob chips!




Kopi sat in front of the buffet looking up toward the cake from the time dinner ended until we were ready for cake. He just KNEW. 



Six candles for a six-year-old pup! The frosted cake is a molasses cake for the humans in the house. 



Kopi loved his birthday cake. Yum yum! 



Kopi loved his cake so much, he wanted another slice.



“Please, may I have some more? Please?!” 

Happy birthday, Kopernik!

Happy Birthday to Kopi!


Kopi is six years old today, according to the paperwork we received when we adopted him. He’s been enjoying lots of special birthday treats, starting with getting a boost up onto the bed when he woke up this morning so he could snuggle up next to Scott. Or actually, so he could roll onto his back next to Scott’s legs and periodically kick him in his sleep.

He also received a special birthday present: a big canister of wild Alaskan salmon jerky for dogs! Salmon is his very favorite thing to eat (besides chocolate and peanut butter). He even got some nibbles from Scott’s bagel salmon during brunch.




Kopi’s brunch also included his very own silver dollar-size whole-wheat pumpkin pancake! Which naturally he had to spirit away and eat on the carpet where no one could potentially steal it from him.

Kopi already got to enjoy a couple of his homemade birthday almond butter-carob chip dog cookies yesterday. He’s already a very happy boy today, and we’ll be taking him for a nice long walk to the park soon – he may just have to howl with joy!